Yaya is an American rapper and songwriter that embodies a sound like no other. Her gritty New York upbringing and poetic background has created the impenetrable foundation for the artist to carve her own lane in female rap. With the looks of Megan Good and lyrical ferocity of Meek Mill notably stated in her 2022 single 'Who's that Girl' , Yaya's "Girl next Door" vibe makes the “everyday" girl feel seen. Being vulnerable enough to tackle topics surrounding mental health, body image, and relationships, these naked emotions have allowed fans to fall in love with the uniqueness and authenticity of her sound as she works to reroot real hip hop.
What started as short Instagram videos from her childhood bedroom in 2017 has evolved into a full fledged rap career with the release her debut album 'Search of a Sound' on January 25, 2020. With standout tracks like "FATN", a testimony on the life of a true lover girl, and "Road to Riches", a peek into her unwavering hustler mindset, we follow the rapper through a deluge of flows and carefully selected beats as she lets us in on her pursuit to perfect her craft.

She's gained traction through her freestyle series most commonly known on Instagram as “Live From the Pink Room” where she uses popular instrumentals to deliver fiery and layered bars making it known to her rap contemporaries that she's here for the conquest. Not only have these freestyles helped to solidify and grow her fan base, but have developed into songs like "Love All" and “Toast''. Yaya unveils that there's so much more to bring to the rap game.

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